Under-8s and their families can find out all about standing up to naughty pirates, flying the Jolly Roger and dancing a hornpipe.My Granny is a pirate!
Lots of people have grannies, but Jake’s granny is special. That’s because Jake’s granny is a pirate! This rip-roaring musical adventure, adapted by Carina Rodney from award-winning writer Val McDermid’s first venture into children’s literature, comes to Trimdon Station Community Centre on Thursday 31st October at 2.00pm.

Tickets for the performance are £1 and can be booked at the centre, or telephone 01429 882200.

Playwright Carina Rodney said: “My Granny is a Pirate is about the relationship between a young boy, Jake, and his Granny, who just happens to be a rip roaring, singing, sailing, swashbuckling pirate. Jake encourages the audience to become part of Granny’s crew alongside Jolly Roger the dog and Polly the talking parrot. Together they embark on an exciting journey, capturing naughty pirates and tackling a skeleton robber band. The play offers plenty of opportunities for children to join in the action and become part of the story, sharing not only pirating fun but also Jake’s development from outsider to Jake the Brave, tackling his greatest fears.”

Director Annie Rigby brings the high seas adventure to life on stage with a host of talented performers from Sage Gateshead. The talented performers, on a variety of quirky instruments, keep the audience singing along to a soundtrack of rollicking sea shanties and mariachi-style music.


More details and venues can be found on GrannyPirate.Com.