9th January 2013

Below are the recorded incidents of both crime and anti- social behaviour in the respective areas during 2012

Crime figures;
Sedgefield  – Down 26%
Fishburn – Down 14%
Trimdon Village – Down 23%
Trimdon Grange/Colliery – Up 37% (  area has suffered a spike in crime in recent months which is currently subject of Police attention)

Anti- Social Behaviour;

Sedgefield  – Down 60%
Fishburn – Down 7%
Trimdon Village – Down 56%
Trimdon Grange/Colliery – Down 27%

Sergeant Brian O’Connor Neighbourhood Policing Team:
‘’Overall the results are impressive and show that crime has significantly reduced in most areas and even greater reductions in anti- social behaviour in the last 12 months

The figures  demonstrate  the positive way in which the Communities of Sedgefield Fishburn and the Trimdons  pull together as a community. They give us all confidence and reassurance that my team of officers, the council, councillors, Area Action Partnership and other partner agencies are working hard to give the communities in those areas what they want –  which is a safer neighbourhood.

Police and partners will continue to work with the same commitment with the aim of achieving further reductions during 2013 in order to improve the quality of life for the residents in those communities.’’