Arriva Bus Services

Councillors Update: (15th April 2023)
The revised service 58 (Arriva) and new 59 (Gateshead Central) have now been operating for almost 2 weeks in succession to the former Arriva 57 and 57A. This note is to share our assessment of how things are working out, and to seek any feedback that you may have received.

The new timetables appear to be running successfully from an operational standpoint. From our monitoring the connection arrangement between 58 and 59 at Kelloe is being maintained, and we have not had any feedback from members of the public that indicates failures.

However, the number of passengers using the service 59 has been disapppointing - an average of about 35 passengers per day. It may be that the lack of college travel due to the Easter holidays is a factor.

We have received no comments from people in Kelloe about the reduced frequency of the link with Durham (now 1/hour instead of the former 2 per hour), or about the loss of the service at Morley Crescent. We have had no comments about the loss of the service via Crowtrees Lane etc in Bowburn, nor about the revised routing of service 58 in Wheatley Hill . We have had concern from a passenger affected by the loss of the former 0645 from Durham which is affecting their travel to work in Bowburn, as the next bus (service X12 0705 from Durham) is reported to be leaving too little time for them to get to work in time for a 0730 start.

If you have received any feedback it will be useful to know more so we can take it into account in looking at longer term arrangements from July onwards. Do get in touch with myself or Stuart Woods at  Durham County Council if you have any queries.

Simon Day
Network Planning and Services Manager
Integrated Passenger Transport, Regeneration, Economy and Growth Directorate
Durham County Council, County Hall, Durham DH1 5UQ