A Message to the Community from the Children of DEAF HILL PRIMARY SCHOOL

Deaf Hill Junior & Infants School

Over 50 years ago, our grandparents and great-grandparents raised the money to erect the Church tower and clock in memory of the local men who died in the Second World War.

Now, in 2005, it is



To restore and modernise the Trimdon Memorial Clock to full working order will take £3800
WE are going to raise this money, but we need YOU to help us a little bit!


We, the children of Deaf Hill Primary School, are excited about the fantastic project we have been given – it will enable us to get together for the good of the whole community! We’ve been made aware that our grandparents and great-grandparents raised the money all those years ago to erect the tower and the clock. Now the clock badly needs modernising and restoring, and now it is OUR time, OUR turn!

Here’s how you can help us towards our target of £3800.


The simplest way of all. Just donate what you can – it really doesn’t matter how much or how little, as every amount will help towards the target! Donations should be placed in the envelope being delivered with our leaflet to all houses in the area and left at D & J Jordan General Dealers (Dennis’s) in Trimdon Colliery.

BUY SOME TIME from just £3

Every purchaser of time will have their name included in the special Commemorative Book we are going to create. This will be a record for posterity and will be kept in St Paul’s Church – we will be able to look back on it when we ourselves have children.

£3 This buys one minute of time on our 12 hour clock. This is something that EVERYONE can do! Buy your birthday, anniversary etc for just £3.
Examples: 10th June (10th of the 6th) = 6.10 on the clock (ten minutes past six)
16th September (16th of the 9th) = 9.16 on the clock (Sixteen minutes past nine)
Buy as many minutes as you like to mark your family’s special dates!
£15 Quarter past any hour
£30 Half past any hour
£45 Quarter to any hour
£60 Each exact hour e.g. 1 o’clock, 3 o’clock etc

(most of these have already been bought by local businesses and organisations)

Just complete the form on the back of the leaflet and leave it, together with your donation, at

D&J Jordan General Dealers (Dennis’s)
Trimdon Colliery.