Phil Wilson focusing on the issues that matter to voters during cost-of-living crisis

Statement from Phil Wilson, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Sedgefield:
Press release Wednesday 29th April 2015

Labour_Logo“I have fought for jobs for local people, worked to achieve fairer decisions on public and school transport, raised the issue of irresponsible private landlords and fought against Eon’s plans for a massive wind farm near Bradbury, Mordon and Chilton.

I want to see more homes for local families but this needs to be achieved in a sustainable way. This is why I have campaigned against unsustainable housing developments in Middleton St. George and Sedgefield.

In times of austerity, it is the most vulnerable members of society who need protecting the most. That is why a Labour Government will scrap the costly and failing Bedroom Tax and bring an end to draconian targets for benefit sanctions.

Under the Tories, working people are £1,600 worse off and this is the first Parliament since the start of the 1930s where living standards have worsened.

For many, working life has become more stressful, insecure and poorly paid as wages stagnate, employment prospects diminish and people increasingly find themselves shut out of the housing market.

But Labour has a better plan for working families which will work to change Britain at a time when money is tight – it will be about big reform not big spending.

That is why a Labour Government will not make any spending commitments without first saying where every penny of the money will come from – we will not make promises we cannot keep and afford.

This will ensure the recovery reaches kitchen tables across Britain because we know that when working people succeed, our country succeeds, too”.