Press Release issued Tuesday 5th May

Phil Wilson, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Sedgefield, is the only candidate born and bred in the constituency. This is what local people have to say in support of re-electing Sedgefield constituency’s only local candidate:

Amanda Clark, Trimdon resident:
“I am delighted to not only endorse Phil as the Labour Party candidate in the forthcoming general election but also to vote for him. A little while ago, I needed help with a problem and I contacted Phil, who readily understood the issues and acted decisively on my behalf, bringing the matter to a successful conclusion for me. I have seen in the media the work that Phil has done in helping bring Hitachi to the area which is fantastic but it is also good to know that he still has time for constituents like me that need his help. Thanks, Phil!”

John Finley, Newton Aycliffe Businessman:
“I believe that if Phil does nothing else for his constituents, he will forever be remembered for the role he played in bringing Hitachi Rail Europe to South Durham, something which cannot be underestimated. Immediately, local companies like Finley Structures benefited from the investment. We are proud to have played our part and we thank Phil for his determination and drive to make sure the Hitachi deal came to fruition. Please vote for Phil Wilson.”

Syd Howard, Newtown Aycliffe Editor of Newtown News:
“I am happy to endorse Phil who has a proven record of hard work and commitment to his constituency. The evidence is in the success stories surrounding Newton Aycliffe where Phil’s intervention has raised the town’s profile and benefited all sections of the community. Securing Hitachi’s new factory is undeniably Phil’s greatest success. He has returned train manufacturing to the birthplace of the railway and with it, secured hundreds of well-paid jobs for his constituents and considerable investment for South Durham.”

Sue Saiger, Wingate School Governor:
“I want to personally thank Phil on behalf of Wellfield Community School for all the support he has given us over the last few years. Since Phil was elected he has helped us so much. He has supported us through a period of significant change and been a part of the huge improvements we have seen at the school. From attending events to arranging parliamentary visits to raising the profile of the school and connecting us with politicians and the media; it really demonstrates he genuinely cares for us and the community.”

Holly Brookes, Fishburn Pharmacist:
“I have known Phil all my life, he is a local man who will always do his best for the community. I admire his commitment to the NHS, an issue I feel passionately about. We can never trust the Tories with the NHS and I know Phil will fight with his party to ensure we never lose our most valued service, free at the point of need.”

Kerina Clark, Newton Aycliffe Business Manager:
“Although I am not a Labour Party supporter, I am a big Phil Wilson supporter. He works tirelessly for this constituency and his efforts to encourage growth and investment in the Newton Aycliffe Business Park are making a real difference to the area. I am pleased to be able to support Phil’s general election campaign.”

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