July 25th to August 18th Trimdon Community College, Grange Community Centre and Trimdon Station Residents Association

*Please note : Timetables revised 18th July 2017

This Activity programme has been organised through TGCC, TSRA and TCCA. All three centres have fundraised and contributed staff, resources and funding to make this happen. This has also been supported by Lucy Hovells, Peter Brooks and the local Parish Councils. As well as many local businesses who have offered a range of donations and support. We hope that you and your children will benefit from the wide range of activities and welcome your feedback on all aspects of the programme

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The ‘Breakout Programme’ is open to all children and young people across the Trimdon’s and outlying areas between the ages of 7 and 18. However some of the off-site activities have age restrictions so please make sure your child is eligible for the visits you/they signed up for.
All of the Multi Games/Activities days will run from 10 until 2.30. However when we are offsite it may be later so please check the forms. We will keep you updated of any changes or delays.
The Sessions are £2 for a full day and £1 for half a day. Offsite visits will be extra but they will be heavily subsidised. In most cases up to 50%. The price on the sheet is the price to be paid for that day if your child is taking part in the activity.
Children are responsible for bringing a packed lunch for on-site activities and the same or money for food for offsite activities. If they do happen to forget they will be fed by staff but you may have to pay towards it when collecting your child. When on site we will have a tuck shop serving drinks, crisps, sweets and fruit if your child wishes to bring along some spending money. They may also be able to purchase snacks and drinks when offsite. We do not intend to set a restriction on spending money but ask you to be
We would appreciate it if all activities are paid for by the Monday of the week they are taking place. Places are only secured once payment has been made. We cannot refund any monies if your child does not turn up for the activity. If you are experiencing difficulties in paying before- hand please speak to a member of staff.
All off site visits will have 3 pick -up points 1. Trimdon Community College, 2. Trimdon Grange Community Centre and 3. Trimdon Residents (top Shop) please make sure you arrive at your chosen centre/pick up point at least 15 minutes before the leaving time.
Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for each activity and the weather. Waterproof coats/sun cream/sturdy footwear may be needed dependent upon the activity and the weather on the day.
Please ensure your child is aware of our positive behaviour policy, any young person whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable may be removed from the activities and parents asked to collect them. Any monies paid will not be refunded.

I am sure there will be very little need to remind you all that when you are participating in the summer programme you will be representing our community and the organisations running the programme so you will need to adhere to the following Behaviour Code. :-
1. No Shouting or Screaming at staff or other young people.
2. No Bullying, No name calling and no violence
3. Listen when staff are talking to the group so you can follow instructions for your own safety
4. Do not take anything that does not belong to you from any of the centres or the venues we visit.
5. Be respectful and talk nicely to all involved with the programme.
6. Treat all buildings and equipment with respect. Do not damage items wilfully.
7. Discuss any issues or problems with the staff so that they can deal with it promptly.
Anybody who does not follow the code after being reminded from staff will be removed from the programme and parents will need to arrange to collect you.

This page and the associated timetables can be downloaded here;
Summer Breakout Programme of Activities 2017 (PDF)

Summer Breakout Programme of Activities 2017 (MS WORD)

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