Dyno Plumbing are pleased to announce that they are on schedule for opening in April 2017. The site next to DLI in Trimdon Grange was purchased in September 2016 and is now almost complete.

Dyno Plumbing Trimdon Grange - work almost complete
Cliff Barry of Dyno Plumbing, said;

“Things are moving along at a very healthy pace now and we expect building work to be fully completed by mid March 2017. Power supplies are going in this week, sewerage very soon after this, and then it’s all internal decor etc.
 Dyno Plumbing Trimdon Grange - interior work  :   Dyno Plumbing Trimdon Grange - original building

The official opening is on 27th April 2017, where we will have Executives from our largest customer opening the premises, and we will also extend this invitation to our local Councillors

We would like to bring some nostalgia to the building by harking back to its origins. In light of this we are looking for suitable artworks etc. that we can put in the building.  If anyone has anything they would like to suggest we will be happy to consider it on long term loan.

We would also like to run a competition (via the Trimdon Times) to look for a winning artwork that we can put on display. To this end we would like to offer a prize to the local community for 2 categories;
Up to age of 12 on 1st January 2017
Up to age of 16 on 1st January 2017.

Both prizes are £100.00 and the theme we would like to provide is “Mining in Trimdon Grange.”   It needs to be a painting or drawing that we will then display permanently in our building.
Closing date is 25th April 2017 and we would like Parish Councillors to choose the winner on 26th April at our premises, then we can call the winners for their prizes on 27th April at the new offices.
Any submissions we do not select will be returned to the owners.”

Employment Opportunities:
We are still seeking an Apprentice to commence work with us at the end of this academic year. We intend to hold an open evening in June for the interview process to commence.

We are also still looking for an assistant to keep our premises in tip top condition with a commencing date of April 1st 2017.  This is a permanent role that should be around 16-20 hours per week.  Pro-rata holidays.

Cliff Barry

Franchise Investments Durham Limited  
T/A  Dyno Plumbing and Heating North East

Franchise Investments Yorks & Lincs Limited
T/A Dyno Plumbing and Heating Castleford

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