Information Update – 5th May 2010

Anti Social Behaviour – Church Road
I am glad to say there has been a slight improvement in the behaviour of some individuals who are making this area of Trimdon Village a cause for concern. We will continue to provide extra patrols to this location and it is still a PACT Priority for Trimdon Village . Anyone who is removed from this area owing to anti social behaviour or being in possession of alcohol will be getting home visits by me and anti social behaviour officers. Anyone who is identified as a persistent cause of anti social behaviour after being visited will be issued with Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with strict conditions, these contacts then allow police to then apply for anti social behaviour orders should the behaviour not improve.

Vehicle crime
Last month I reported that numerous vehicles in neighbouring areas had been entered and property taken. I am glad to report that a male has now been arrested and charged and is currently on bail in relation to over 30 offences. All these offences were as a result of vehicles being left on drive ways and the public roads unlocked, please make sure where ever your vehicle is it is secured and all valuables are out of sight.

Criminal Damage – Trimdon Grange Play Park
Last month substantial damage was caused to a piece of equipment at the play park area on Redesdale Court Trimdon Grange. As a result of the Police press appeal names of possible suspects have been provided, can I thank anyone who took time to read the information and pass on the names of possible suspects. As a result of this information so far one local youth has been questioned and further enquiries are on going.

Operation Phoenix
This operation will continue over the spring/summer months in order for Police to target the riders of off road motorcycles. Using community intelligence, covert and high visibility patrols and the off road motorcycle team we will seek to seize the bikes of offending persons. If you do ride on private land please obtain details of the land owner who has given permission.


Pc 1636 John Seymour
Trimdon Dedicated Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
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