Skeletons mystery probe by Sedgefield Church Friends


Members of the Friends of Sedgefield’s St Edmund’s Church are turning detective to try and solve the mystery of the shrouded skeletons in the centuries-old building.
Smiling skeletons on artwork at Sedgefield ChurchThe two skeletons, one male and one female, are depicted on brass plates displayed on the wall at St Edmund’s and are popular talking points with visitors. Little, however, is known about them.
Brian Mutch, parish warden and membership secretary of the Friends, is now leading a determined bid to learn more about the mysterious figures by checking out sources it is thought may have detailed information.
He said this week: “We are aware of a document held by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle on Tyne and one old record which says that the two figures ‘were formerly on one slab with a shield and ribbon above and with a border, probably with an inscription around the edge’ but that is really all we know.”
Brian is currently making contact with Archaeologia Aeliana in Newcastle and a London-based organisation that specialises in the history of old church brasses and hopes that this will eventually provide the information needed to allow an explanation of the skeletons to be displayed alongside the figures.
Local historian Alison Hodgson, secretary of the Friends, added: “We are asked about the origin of the skeletons on a fairly regular basis and it would be nice to have an explanation for people who visit the church.”

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