Wedding Exhibition exceeds all expectations
Meghan Markle will wear a sequined pink top with a long white skirt, bright red shoes, a pink and blue necklace, silver and pearl tiara and carry a bouquet of mauve roses when she walks down the aisle to marry Prince Harry – according to Bishop Middleham’s Rainbows.

The village’s Carrot Club (young horticulturists) believe the dress will feature rosebuds and daisies below a pink, green and purple striped top, a flowing veil and with mauve roses while The Happy Days Playgroup fancy it will be in tiered pastel shades with a striped top with daisy decorations to contrast with her bright pink veil.
Messy Church members suggest that there will be diamante decorations around Meghan’s long white gown, Primary School pupils that the dress will be in tiered lace with a waist-length veil, and the Brownies that it will be multi-coloured and include several rainbows.
Bishop Middleham Fashion Forecast  :  Bishop Middleham Fashion Forecast  :  Bishop Middleham Fashion Forecast

All six groups put their fashion forecasts on show for five hours at Saturday’s ‘Weddings Then and Now’ exhibition at the village’s St Michael’s Church which attracted more than 200 visitors from a wide area. Organisers (a team headed by Neil and Sharon Stevenson) say that it exceeded all their expectations.
The Revd. Michael Thompson, Team Vicar of the Parish of the Upper Skerne and an early visitor, described the exhibition as ‘a wonderful community event and one of which organisers should be really proud”

The 33 dresses on display included eight families who sent frocks from both mothers and daughters. The oldest dated back to 1949 and belonged to the Marshall family. Complementing the gowns were various garments worn by the bridegrooms on their big day, an eclectic display of wedding memorabilia and local history material and even six Christening gowns.

Visitor donations to the free event totaled £412 and will be put towards the cost of buying a new boiler for St Michael’s.

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Article courtesy of Ron Eyley

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