St Pauls Church – Unveiling Ceremony Programme   p5
Saturday 10th June  1950 at 3.p.m.

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St Pauls Church – Unveiling Ceremony Programme   p6
Saturday 10th June  1950 at 3.p.m.

SPECIFICATIONS OF THE CLOCK TOWERThe Clock. The clock was built by Messrs. W.Potts & Son, of Leeds, who are specialists.
It is an electrical driven clock to show the time on four opaque glazed ‘dials’ Measuring 5ft. in diameter, with hands, motion work, bevel gears, chiming and striking hammers and all accessories, including an automatic time switch to control the lighting of the dials. There are three motors installed each a quarter H.P.
To cover a temporary breakdown in the electrical supply an automatically wound weight – driven clock has been installed rather the
synchronous type.
The Bells.    There are four bells for the Westminster Chimes with a total weight of 8cwt. 2qrs. I41bs. and made by Messrs Taylor of loughborough, admitted to be the Worlds leading Bell Founders.
Details as follows ;-

clock table

Building Construction
The construction of the Tower was executed by
Messrs. F.W. Goodyear & Sons of Durham.
Theirs was the lowest tender.
Architect.- D. Mclntyre


St Pauls Church – Unveiling Ceremony Programme   p7
Saturday 10th June  1950 at 3.p.m.

Current ConsumptionThe actual cost of running the ‘clock’ is a small item; the clock makers estimate
that the consumption will be 60 units per annum.
This is not all, there will be needed sixteen 60 watt lamps to illuminate the four dials at night.

The cost of lighting the clock for twelve months, including the darkest period of the year, will be approximately £20. This figure is only made possible by the very generous terms given to our Committee by the Area General Manager. N.C.B.
Mr.Fry. We appreciate this fine gesture.
On behalf of the War Memorial Committee we wish to thank the general public for
its generous and unstinted support during the last three years; the response to every appeal never failed . Our thanks go out to all who have helped in any small way to make the Memorial possible.

        Costs up to date as per estimate:-

 clock table 2

Up to the time of print we have the grand sum of £1822 in hand .which has been subscribed by the people of Trimdon in approximately ‘three years’. The balance it is felt will be found at the day of the ‘Unveiling’.
Yours sincerely
A. Tulip. Chairman.
G.Hardy. Treasurer.
J. Howie. Secretary