Information Update – 8th September 2008

Criminal Anti Social Behaviour Order.
A local youth called Damien Scott Smith 15yrs from Trimdon Village , on the 1st of September 2008 was issued with a Criminal Anti Social Behaviour Order by the local courts. The conditions of the order are as follows:

1. Smith must not within the borough of Sedgefield enter, damage, or be found on educational premises without lawful authority.
2. Harass, intimidate, threaten or abuse any person.
3. Incite or encourage any others to commit any act prohibited by this order.

Head cams.
Local officers now have access to head cams which is a new piece of equipment issued to Durham Police Officers. The cameras will be used at most incidents and are seen as a tool to deter, catch and convict any person for a variety of incidents and offences.

Anti Social Behaviour – Trimdon Village Community College .
After a recent operation at the above location youths are still gathering at this location late at night. Anyone found at this location without good reason will subject of positive action and removed from the site.

Traffic 183 Warning Seizure Notices.
The above notice can be issued to any person using a motor vehicle in an anti social manner in a public place. The initial notice is served as a warning outlining that their vehicle may be seized if stopped in similar circumstances on a second occasion. On the second occasion the vehicle will be seized and taken by a vehicle recovery agent, the owner of the seized vehicle is the liable for all recovery and storage costs.



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Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
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