Information Update – 11th August 2008

Operation Summer Nights
The above operation is a force wide innovative and aims to tackle and prevent anti social behaviour during July and August.
It particularly focuses on those actions that often result from people drinking too much alcohol and seeks to let people know that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in County Durham . It also builds on positive work and behaviour of most young people, encouraging everyone to make respecting themselves ad others a greater consideration.

Operation Alness & Operation Actualcreek
These operations are running throughout the school holidays giving extra patrols to school premises in the area in order to prevent any damage. So far there have been only two incidents; however some local youths still find it expectable to climb on roofs of the school buildings. This in itself is in any offence which is called causing a nuisance on school premises for which you can be arrested

Off Road Motorcycles
Recent incidents involving the use of off road bikes or mini motos has reduced, however our operation using a team of off road police bikes is continuing. Anyone stopped without valid documentation or permission to use private land will have they bike seized.

A local youth from the area has an application pending for a criminal anti social behaviour order, this is with the courts to make a decision. If we get a positive decision then the person concerned will be subject to certain conditions aimed at preventing further criminal behaviour and anti social behaviour. Failure to abide by the order will lead to an arrest.


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Trimdon Dedicated Beat Officer
Sedgefield Neighbourhood Police Team
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