Information Update – 6th May 2008

Use of Mini Motos, Quad Bikes & other Off Road Bikes.
A reminder to anyone who uses any of the above that they may have the bike seized by Police. To use bikes on surrounding fields you must have permission off the land owner, at present not many local farmers are willing to allow there land to be used. Should anyone be caught riding off road on private land without permission they will firstly receive a written warning. Should the same person be stopped a second time then they will have they bike seized by police and it will not be returned, you then may face prosecution in relation to the anti social use of the bike.

School premises and anti social behaviour.
In recent weeks we have had an increase in incidents of anti social behaviour and criminal damage on school premises. We are currently running Operation Fosstoncity 2008 which main aim is to provide high visibility patrols and obtain intelligence in order to identify offenders and make arrests. Anyone found committing offences on school grounds will face positive action, anyone with any information regarding school incidents please contact me.

We now have a CCTV camera installed in Church Road Trimdon Village , the camera will provide the Trimdon public with extra reassurance and also assist police in the detection and prevention of any crimes.

Acceptable Behaviour Contracts.
Last month a local youth signed and agreed to an Acceptable Behaviour Contract, these agreements and set up in conjunction with the Sedgefield Borough Council Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership. The aim of the agreement is to prevent an individual from committing further acts of anti social behaviour and crime, conditions of behaviour are agreed with the individual and they parents, Police and Sedgefield Borough Council. Should the agreement be breached then an Anti Social Behaviour Order or Criminal Anti Social Behaviour Order will be considered, if the individual resides in a Council property then action can be taken by Sedgefield Borough Council Tenancy Enforcement.

Supply of Alcohol to Juveniles.
A reminder to any adult who purchases alcohol and supplies it to a juvenile commits an offence, this offence can incur a fixed penalty notice with a fine of eighty pound.


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