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*Please check any times/events before attending, as this information may be incorrect!

Health Trainers will work alongside you to recognise the issues that are affecting your wellbeing and help you make positive changes.

What’s On Trimdon Health Trainer!!
Hey Guys, here’s what we’ve got going on in Trimdon!

Drop in @ Trimdon Grange Community Centre 10-11am
Drop in @ Trimdon Community College 4-6pm

Drop in @ Trimdon Community College 10:30-11:30am
Drop in @ Trimdon Grange Community Centre 2-3pm

Drop In @ Trimdon Library 1-2pm

For any more information please contact Jamie Egglestone at 0771 159423 or email


We now have drop ins weekly at:

  • Trimdon Grange Community Centre Mondays 9 – 10AM
  • Trimdon Legacy Gym Tuesdays 9.30 – 11AM
  • Trimdon Village Library Tuesdays 11 – 12.
  • Trimdon Community College Wednesday 5.30 – 7PM


The drop ins are an opportunity for people to come and chat to me about making positive lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, improving diet and activity levels, stopping smoking, or just for some social support.

Trimdon Health Trainer facebook page

Health Trainer for Trimdon Grange and Trimdon Village is Jamie Egglestone:
Jamie’s contact phone number is 077311590423, e-mail address is, and

You may want to:
Give up smoking; Be more active; Eat healthier; Drink less alcohol; Meet new people; Learn new skills.
Health trainers know the local area so can support you to find other services across your community which will help you to feel better and improve your overall health and wellbeing.
Your wellbeing is about your happiness, your health, how involved you are in your community, the opportunities that are available to you, and the overall quality of your life. The wellbeing for life service is here to help and support you to make the changes you want.