Councillor Lucy Hovvels MBE
Dear Resident,

As 2020 passes we look back at a year which has been full of activity, many residents have been in isolation and many have not been able to be with their family or loved ones due to the Coronavirus Pandemic restrictions. This has a profound effect on individuals families and communities. What I have learnt is that our village is a place where people come together in times of need and look after one another. The pit villages are strong communities and people have really stepped up to the plate to ensure people have been kept safe and ensured our communities have not been forgotten.

As a Labour County Councillor I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with the community groups, the DCC Hub, Foodbank, church leaders, schools, Parish Councils and the unsung heroes - many local residents who have kindly volunteered and given their time to deliver for your community and to keep you safe. By working in partnership, securing external funding and funding from Durham County Council Councillors Neighbourhood budget we have been able to provide hot meals and bags of help ( fresh fruit and veg and Christmas hampers which I hope you have found useful in this difficult time and when foods provisions have been limited due to the pandemic). It is truly heartening to know that there are so many people within villages who are giving their time and energy to help others and make communities a better place.

The coronavirus still remains a threat. After a difficult and challenging year we know that many people will be looking forward to creating a Christmas bubble with loved ones. Although the introduction of vaccines is giving us all hope for a brighter 2021, it is vital that we remain vigilant over the holiday period and beyond so we can continue to limit the spread of coronavirus. We must continue to be responsible and take clear steps to prevent catching and spreading the virus.

By continuing to work together we can build a brighter, stronger more prosperous community. I look forward to 2021 to continue working with you and do all I can as your Labour County Councillor to support the residents and our communities. May I take this opportunity to wish you A Peaceful Christmas and a prosperous 2021.

My very best wishes

Councillor Lucy Hovvels MBE
Email lucy.hovvels
03000 268728 or 01429881304


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