After months of silence, the bells at two churches in the parish of the Upper Skerne - St Edmund’s in Sedgefield and St Michael’s in Bishop Middleham - rang out this week to celebrate a medical milestone in the life of a Scottish youngster known to local churchgoers.

They were rung to mark the end of cancer treatment for the seven-year-old grand-daughter of local Lay Reader Michael King and his wife, Judith, at the same time as the youngster, her family and friends were ringing a bell specially made for the occasion in a park near her home in Midlothian, Scotland.

Mr and Mrs King explained this week: “Normally, children in remission 'ring the bell' in the hospital where they have received treatment, but due to the Covid pandemic this could not happen.

“Her parents wanted to mark the occasion with a bell-ringing event and invited friends and family to walk through the park at 2.00pm whilst maintaining social distancing.”

In Sedgefield, the church bell was rung by emeritus warden Brian Mutch assisted by Tower Captain Janet Tiplady.  St Michael’s bell was rung by parish warden John Burrows.

Mr and Mrs King attended the Scottish celebration which they described as ‘a tremendous occasion following a long illness for a very brave little girl’.


Courtesy of Ron Eyley


Page added 24th July 2020


They added: “We are so grateful to all those who provided medical care during this time and for all the support and care the whole family has received from so many people.”