Minutes of a special meeting of the Trimdon Foundry Parish Council held on Tuesday 29th March 2016 at 6.30 pm in Trimdon Station Methodist Church.

221 Present: – Councillors Carol Bell (Chairman), Gail Elliott, Brian Ferguson, Gary Elliott, Maureen Lenehan-Ferguson, Jean Loverance, Margaret Eadsforth.

222 Apologies: – Nil.
Mr. John Robinson Parish Clerk in attendance.

223 Declaration of Interest:
Cllr. Eadsforth in respect of development on land opposite St. Paul’s, Commercial Street, by nature of employer is the applicant.

224 Allotment Report
Cllr. Gary Elliott advised that the clerk had written to all those members of the public on the waiting list for allotments asking them if they wished to remain on the list. 3 residents had replied wishing to remain on the list. In the light of this he had asked the Clerk to offer the 2 vacant allotments to the residents who had waited the longest. Members endorsed this action.
The Clerk advised the members that Mrs. J. Wetherill had now bought 2 |Luke Street and was formally asking to transfer her allotment. Members expressed concern that the current tenant of this allotment had not informed the Council of his wish to relinquish this plot. It was agreed the Clerk write to the former owner of 2 Luke Street to ascertain from him his wish to relinquish this plot. If he is relinquishing the plot, then an inspection must be completed before re-allocation. On receipt of this, members will then re-visit this application.

225 Final year end transactions
Members were advised the financial year for the Council ends on 31st March. They therefore agreed the following payments to allow closure of accounts

J. Robinson March salary (302242) £714.60
HMRC March (302243) £217.60
J. Robinson HP account payment (302244) £7.99

A total of £940.19

The Clerk advised to his knowledge no other outstanding bills were due. He had received an e-mail from Broxap acknowledging the issue with the bins and holding payment till resolved. This will now be paid in 2016 year. They are asking for photographs to be supplied. Cllr. Gail Elliott agreed to supply.

Due to the nature of business to be transacted the Chairman asked for a motion to exclude the Press and public. This was proposed Cllr. Ferguson and seconded Cllr. Maureen-Lenehan Ferguson.

226 Contract for environmental services
The Chairman advised members that the current contract with TP Services finishes as of 1st April 2016. The Council has heard nothing from TP Services since the meeting in December. The agreed specification has been sent to 6 contractors with a closing date of receipt of tenders 12th April ready for the next meeting. In the meantime, members had agreed to invite Avenue Builders, the successful tenderer for work on the memorial ground, for interview in regards to him undertaking the work on a month by month basis as a temporary measure until the successful company is appointed.

Members then interviewed Mr. Brian Colledge in regards to his original tender for work on the memorial ground and also to act in a temporary basis in regards to environmental work. Mr. Colledge agreed to re-visit his tender for the playground with a view to reducing costs in duplicate areas. The Chair also stated the programme of works would be on a staged basis as finance/grants are available. Mr. Colledge accepted this.

It was resolved to:
1) Appoint Mr. Colledge on a temporary basis until the successful contractor is appointed.
2) To await the revised estimate from Avenue Builders in regards to the playground work, but for stage 1, the new play area, to be completed by the end of May to enable an official opening May bank holiday.
The meeting closed at 7.40pm.

Chairman of Parish Council meeting held 12th April 2016

Trimdon Foundry Parish Minutes for 29th March 2016