Minutes of a meeting of Trimdon Foundry Parish Council held on Tuesday 11th October 2016 at 6.30 pm in May Crescent Community Centre.

104/16 Present: – Councillors Carol Bell (Chairman), Gail Elliott, Brian Ferguson, Gary Elliott, Maureen Lenehan-Ferguson, Margaret Eadsforth.

105/16 Apologies: – Cllr J. Loverance (work)
In Attendance Cllr. Lucy Hovvels, Maurice Nichols, PCSO David Edson.
Mr. John Robinson Parish Clerk was also in attendance. There were 3 members of the public present.

106/16 Declaration of Interest: – nil

107/16 Police Report
PCSO David Eadson gave the report on behalf of PCSO Weston. There have been 49 incidents in the Parish during the last month. This includes 8 ASB, 1 vehicle related crime, 3 burglaries, 2 criminal damage. He advised that over the year there has been a reduction of 12% in ASB, Cllr. Brian Ferguson raised the issue that at a recent meeting he had attended with PCC Ron Hogg he had reported an increase of 105% in our Parish in crime. Cllr. Gail Elliott raised the issue of the stolen Parish tubs and the lack of progress. Cllr. Gary Elliott raised the issue of delays in response to the phone number 101. PCSO Eadson agreed to take these issues back to his superiors and report back to the next meeting.

108/16 Presentation to Mr. George Anderson.
The Chairman reported that at the recent NIB Presentation of Awards the Parish were delighted to be awarded a Bronze Medal overall and a Silver Gilt Medal for Community Involvement. She wished to place on record her and the Councils thanks to all who assisted in this achievement. The Council had also nominated Mr. George Anderson in the Volunteer of the Year Award and she was delighted to report he had been successful. Mr. Anderson had given many years’ service to various groups within the Parish and especially the Garden Society. He had raised over £30,000 in support of these groups. The Chairman on behalf of NIB and the Council then presented Mr. Anderson with his award.

109/16 Presentation by Sho Shin Kai Karate.
The above group based in Trimdon gave a short presentation on the work they have done over the past 30 years teaching young people across the area, many from this Parish, Karate. They requested a grant from the Parish Council to assist them in establishing a web site. After questions from members the Chairman thanked the group for their presentation and assured them the Council would consider their request and advise them accordingly.

110/16 Minutes of Council meeting held on 13th September 2016.
Minutes of the meeting held on the 13th September 2016 were approved on a motion proposed Cllr. Ferguson and seconded Cllr. M. Lenehan-Ferguson.

111/16 Matters of Information

  1. DCC have been advised Council do not wish to continue with SLA in respect of hand held IT equipment. Matter closed in this regard. Council to pursue in new year providing their own
  2. Npower had been informed members wished to transfer to the Flexible Business Energy Plan as agreed at the September meeting, item closed.
  3. DCC have suppled a map of the area at Purvis Terrace they are querying ownership. Members agreed the Parish Council do not own the land in question. DCC to be informed accordingly.
  4. Came and Company had advised the Council that they had considered the Councils request to reduce the additional cost of providing the relevant insurance for the new playground. They had reduced the fee by 20%., to £340.56. Members agreed to the revised price. Came and Company had also reminded Council they are tied into an agreement with them to provide Insurance till March 2018.
  5. No reply from the family who still owe fees for the Cemetery. Outstanding invoice to be sent to relevant undertakers for payment.
  6. Letter of confirmation from D. Chong of DCC that he is investigating the planning issue reported by members in regards to the Cemetery area.
  7. Confirmation from Scott memorials of grant of memorial rights. Matter closed.
  8. Both Community Organisations have accepted Councils £2000 grant and agreed to report back to the Council in March 2018 on the activities undertaken using the grant. It was agreed to issue the grant.
  9. No reply had been received from Cllr. Brookes in regards to the Mobile Bus queries. Matter closed.
  10. Both Cllr Hovvels and Nichols had agreed to participate in the neighbourhood Plan Project. No response had been received from Cllr. Brookes.
  11. Loverance and the Clerk reported that they had attended the September Memory Cafe but ADS had not arrived, despite them advising Cllr. Loverance that staff had left the office to attend. It was agreed not to hold the Memory Café in October, but to meet with ADS to ensure appropriate arrangements are in place to re-launch in November.
  12. Confirmation email from DCC that Cllr. Hovvels had taken up environmental issues raised at September meeting.
  13. No response to issues raised in regards to environmental issues at 2 addresses in Rodwell Street. Agreed to contact DCC once again.
  14. AAP supplied copies of DCC MTFP presentation slides. Matter closed.
  15. Clerk supplied members with a copy of the bus timetable supplied by Cllr. Nichols for the new Trimdon to Easington Lane Service due to commence on 11th Cllr. Gary Elliot raised issues in regards to publicity for the new service and the lack of clarity on the timetable of the reference to Trimdon Shops not being clear as to which village these shops are in. Cllr. Nichols agreed to raise these queries directly with officers at DCC.
  16. Jisc Domain renewal, agreed to renew domain registration.


112/16 Public Participation
Members of the public gave an update report on the various activities being undertaken as part of the Friends of the Heritage Trail. Mr. Bill Carter gave a report on research he and colleagues had undertaken in regards to the History of the Railway line.

113/16 Chairman’s Report
The Chairman advised that the issues she wished to raise were covered by the Agenda.

114/16 Report from County Councillor Hovvels and Nichols
Members reported on the following: –

  1. DCC Healthy Communities Project
  2. DCC still have to find £64 million before 2020 and the coming years austerity cuts will hit the County hard, of these cuts£8.2 will come from reserves during the next financial ear
  3. Members confirmed the new bus service is being paid for out of slippage in the current budget and not new finance
  4. A successful poverty conference highlighting the problems in the County was reported upon
  5. Durham Works-Northern Training is a programme aimed at supporting 119-25 year olds into work.
  6. The issues of child poverty were being covered by scrutiny
  7. An update on the Better Health and STP programme was given
  8. Cllr. Hovvels advised the recent HWB Big Tent Event had been extremely successful
  9. The final urgent care review report was referred to.
  10. The new Community Police Inspector has been appointed Inspector Sarah Hayman. It was agreed to invite her to a forthcoming Parish Council meeting.


115/16 Correspondence
The following Correspondence was received: –

  1. PACT requesting assistance in the repair of the bus shelter outside of the Welfare Hall and roadside in front of Top Shop. Both the Clerk and Cllr. Hovvels advised these had been taken up outside of the meeting and both repaired. It was agreed to write to the Top Shop and ask that large delivery vans be asked not to park mounting the kerb so as to prevent further /recurring damage.
  2. Letter from Mrs. Douthwaite asking for her allotment to be re-allocated to her. Members agreed that as she does not live in the Parish she is unable to be allocated an allotment in accordance with Council Policy.
  3. Posters and Programmes for Trimfest. Clerk advised he had put up posters in various noticeboards around the Parish.
  4. SLCC County newsletter and Clerk magazine, received
  5. Clerk advised he had via e-Mil circulated various CDALC and NALC reports. This included the proposal from Government to impose a referendum on any Council wishing to Raise its precept by more than 2%.
  6. Open day at Netpark on18th October
  7. Letter form Friends of Heritage Trail advising their Treasurer would give monthly reports to the Parish. Clerk advised he had written back to the friends thanking them for their support and advising their Treasurer could speak in public participation but that the report back to Council from the group may only be given formally by the Councils representatives Cllr Brian Ferguson and Cllr. Maureen Lenehan Ferguson. The Friends had replied agreeing to this approach.
  8. BDO seeking clarification items raised in 2015 Report had been actioned. Clerk confirmed they had been.
  9. DCC advising contact is needed via Mark Reynolds to arrange a meeting to discuss website provision
  10. Clerk circulated draft copies of Cassop Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, received
  11. A complaint had been received regarding an allotment. Cllrs. Elliot and the Clerk had met/spoken to relevant parishioners and issued resolved.


116/16 Report from AAP Board
Cllr. B. Ferguson reported on a recent meeting of the above. The meeting had been quite short as the speaker had not attended. He did express his upset at not being allowed to speak at the meeting and that an Officer of DCC was Chairman. It was agreed to write to AAP expressing the Councils concern at Cllr. Ferguson not being allowed to speak and seeking clarification on the election of Chairman procedure.

117/16 Report from AAP Councils Forum
Cllr. B. Ferguson reported on the recent meeting at which he and the Clerk had attended. The main issue under discussion was the DCC Review of Youth Services.

118/16 Heritage Project
Cllr. Maureen. Lenehan-Ferguson and Cllr. Brian Ferguson gave an update on the project. The Friends had also provided the Council with their Action Plan for the coming 6 months (copies circulated to members). A Heritage Trail History Project complied by Mike Gilvin and Bill Carter was also circulated to members. Discussion circulated around the disabled ramps, display boards, children’s trail. It was agreed these will be highlighted on completion of the forthcoming feasibility study. It was proposed Cllr. Brian Ferguson and seconded Cllrs. Gail Elliot to accept the revised feasibility study cost and programme from Groundwork North East. This was agreed.

Cllr. Brian Ferguson advised members he had undertaken a Health and Safety Inspection of the current trail and expressed in his professional opinion serious health and safety issues in regards to the various steps along the trail. It was agreed the Clerk advise DCC of these concerns and ask what action they intend to take to remedy these concerns.

Members also queried why the Police Group, Hagaraid had not commenced clearing undergrowth. Clerk to chase up via PCC Office.

119/16 Meeting re future of Sedgefield Community Hospital
The Clerk reported on a meeting he had attended with the Chief Executives of both the CCG and Durham Acute Trusts who had given assurances to those present that the Community Hospital is safe and not to close. Cllr. Brian Ferguson advised he had been told by his Retinopathy Consultant that services are to close. He agreed to take this up via the Diabetic Charites and report back to the November meeting.

120/16 Planning Applications
No applications were considered by members.

121/16 Policy Timetable
Members considered a report by the Clerk in regards to polices current and required. The timetable he had proposed was agreed.

122/16 Deaf Hill Cemetery Policy/Regulations
This was tabled. Members agreed to send any comments to the Clerk by November 1st, any alterations will then be made and Policy adopted as of 1st November 2016, with a review date of March 2017.

123/16 Elected members Risk Register
The clerk presented a prosed risk register to cover areas that may concern members directly. It was agreed any comments from members be sent to the Clerk by 1st November, prior to their adoption on that day.

124/16 Remembrance Commemoration Service/Christmas Events
The Chairman and Clerk presented a report on the organisation of the above. It was agreed a further report be presented to the November meeting. Members were asked to inform the Clerk asap of names/addresses of those people/companies they wished the Council to send Christmas cards to.

125/16 Members individual declaration of interest forms
Members were reminded to complete the above form so that the Council register may be brought up to date.

126/16 Asset Register and Key Register
Both Registers were presented to Council and agreed. The Asset Register includes the 6 new gazebos purchased for the Picnic in the Park event.

127/16 BDO Annual Audit
The Clerk was delighted to advise members that the Council had received a un-qualified audit for 15/16. The result of the audit had been posted around the Parish and no members of the public had requested to see the accounts or report.

He had met with the Internal Auditor and the minor alterations to the accounting system had been actioned. The internal auditor will undertake a 1-day test autist in the new year to ensure actions taken are successful. This is in light with good practice. The 2016/17 audit time table agreed also with BDO.

BDO have been informed of action taken. Agreed to agenda for December finance meeting to discuss any further response from BDO.

128/16 Monthly Accounts
The schedule of Payments as presented by the Clerk, Appendix A at a cost of
October payment £8857.40.

Members agreed to payments being made.

At the November meeting of Council all charges will be reviewed with an implementation date of 1st April 2017. This will then allow the finance meeting to be held on 5th December 2016 to propose to December full Council the 2017/18 precept.

Members agreed to a motion to exclude the press and public at this time.

129/16 Avenue Builders
The Chairman reported on a conversation she and the Clerk had had with the above contractors early that evening. The notes of which to be circulated to members. Members agreed to review the contract at the December finance meeting as per agreement so that the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk can negotiate the 2017/18 contract in the new year as per. the terms of the agreement. Clerk to supply Chairman and Vice Chairman with a report on the current performance before the finance meeting for comment.

130/16 Donation to Karate Club/Deaf |Hill School/Dance Academy
The above grants to be placed on November agenda for consideration.


The meeting closed at 8.57pm




Signed: –

Chairman of Parish Council meeting held 8th November 2016