Minutes of the Trimdon Foundry Parish Council Finance Committee Meeting held on Monday 18th January 2016 at 6.30 pm in May Crescent Community Centre.

1 Present:– Councillors Carole Bell (Chairman) Brian Ferguson, Gary Elliott, Gail Elliott.

2 Apologies:– Maureen Lenehan-Ferguson, Jean Loverance, Margaret Eadsforth.

Mr. J.Robinson Acting Clerk in attendance

3 Declarations of Interests
The Chairman Cllr. Bell advised members she had in the past been involved in the Brass band movement.

4. Requests for funding: –
a. Great North Ambulance- It was agreed not to support this request at this time as the Council had already given a donation this year
b. North of England brass Championship, it was agreed to donate £50 as one of the contestants is the local band

5. Consider Projects and Budget for 2016/17
The Committee considered reports submitted by the Clerk . It was unanimously agreed to

a. Set a standstill budget and if necessary take funds from reserves. The proposed 1% staff increase was considered and agreed it would be funded from savings
b. The projected budget set by Council in June to be recommended for agreement
c. After considering all projects submitted by members for the forthcoming year the attached priority list is recommended to Council for agreement. Once agreed Clerk to obtain prices. See appendix 1
d. A sub committee of Cllrs. Gail and Gary Elliott assisted by the Chairman Cllr. Carole Bell and the Clerk review the Environmental Contractors Contract with a view to it being advertised in March.
e. Applications for grants to support projects to be made

6. Precept for 2015/16
All members during the debate emphasised the promise made by themselves to residents not to raise the precept where ever possible. Members agreed to recommend a standstill budget and no increase in the precept to Full Council.

The meeting closed at 7.25pm.


Chairman of Parish Council meeting held 9th February 2016


Trimdon Foundry Parish Council Finance Committee Meeting 18th January 2016