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Trimdon has 2 Parish Councils – Trimdon Parish Council for the Village, Grange and Colliery, and Trimdon Foundry Parish Council for Trimdon Station, Deaf Hill and part of Trimdon Colliery

Trimdon Foundry Parish Council
Foundry Information

Meetings are held monthly usually at Community House, May Crescent and are open to the public.
For time and date of next meeting, please ask at the Community House or telephone 01429 882413
Some of the items routinely discussed at monthly meetings include:
Planning applications
Traffic problems
Local crime
Reports from Council members
Reports and complaints from members of the public

Trimdon Parish Council
Village Information

This parish council serves the communities of Trimdon Village, Trimdon Grange and Trimdon Colliery. Durham County Council is the larger authority (also known as the principal authority) and provides the other services not supplied by the Parish.
The Council is served by a part-time Clerk, working 25 hours a week, and two full time employees who look after the grounds and cemetery.

Trimdon Cemetery
Trimdon Parish Council, along with Durham County Council, has responsibility for carrying out a number of services on behalf of the community. Listed below is a range of the activities undertaken – this list is by no means extensive and is intended to give an indication of the responsibilities of each individual council. Trimdon Cemetery is owned and managed by Trimdon Parish Council, who is the appointed burial authority, and is located on the east side of Trimdon Grange (accessed off North Side Buildings).
The grounds maintenance and burials are undertaken by the grounds staff. Should you require any information with regard to the Cemetery please contact the Head Groundsperson, Mr D Whitelock, on 01429 883538.

Trimdon Parish Council owns two allotments sites at Trimdon Station and Trimdon Grange.
The Parish Council also owns an allotment site at Hart View, Trimdon Village – this is managed by Trimdon Village Allotment Society. There are 69 allotments on this site and the annual rent is £25. If you are interested in renting an allotment on this site please contact the Secretary (Francis Metcalfe) on 07511 910758.

Trimdon Colliery site has 12 allotments and the annual rent is £15. Trimdon Grange site has 30 allotments and the annual rent is £8.
Both alllotments sites are very popular and there is currently a waiting list for each site. To be eligible to rent a plot you must be a resident of Trimdon.


Trimdon Parish Councils