Pte John A Hunter
C Company 21 D.L.I.
Saturday, June 3

Dear Mr, Mrs Shorthouse & Annie

My dear friend

I cannot console myself with the news I have just received from Trimdon regarding the great trouble in which you are now placed. It seems that if we had some trials and sorrows which it takes one sometime to understand. I have thought and asked about Joseph and now the word comes to me that he has gone to his last resting place where we all whether young or old have to enter. I trust that you like myself  be willing to bear up in the great trial and that the blessing of the Almighty may rest upon you.

I took great interest in him when I had the liberty, I tried to encourage him to consecrate his life to higher service and I hope that some word or action may have had the desired effect upon his life and that this may have been a blessing in the midst of his late companions. No doubt you wonder why you should have this sorrow, personally I often think in this manner myself  but one has to leave all to His will and take things as they are sent to us as something to work out His Eternal purpose.

I wish to convey to you my heartfelt sympathy. It is now Saturday we are working amongst the tents putting boards in them. We have a large number of new recruits amongst us only came this week. I find the army life agreeing with me, my health and spirits are quite alright.  Mother   Horace.


Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail Monday June 26th 1916.


Last night a memorial service was held in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, Trimdon Colliery, for Corporal Joseph Shorthouse and Private William Roberts, who have lost their lives in the war. Both young men had as boys,  been scholars in the Wesleyan Sunday School, and later Corporal Shorthouse, who was the possessor of a fine tenor voice, was a member of the choir. A very impressive service was held. Mister Botcherby being the preacher. A solo was sung by Miss Sadie Preston. There was a very large congregation.



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