Other than the incarcerations for common assault in 1872and 1874, we have very little information about the life of Frederick. The only family members who were alive at the time he died in 1925 were infants at that time and have no recollections. We do however have some certificates, census information, photographs and details of his funeral expenses.

What we do know is that Frederick was living in the south of Wales from an early age. The main industry in this area was coal mining and he was working in this industry when he met and married Anne Osborn. He was a coal miner all of his working life until he retired in New Trimdon (Trimdon Colliery). His job as a stoneman was to open up passageways through the coal seams to allow access for coalface workers, equipment and the narrow gauge railway for the removal of coal. Typically they would blast the rock, remove the spoil and install roof arches to prevent rock fall.

His Death Certificate dated 9th November 1925 at Trimdon Colliery, shows his age as; 79, his occupation as; coalminer stoneman underground retired, cause of death as; old age, disordered action of heart in time and rhythm. Witnessed by George Craggs, son in law in attendance of Trimdon Colliery.

An obituary for Frederick’s wife Annie Shorthouse in 1939 states that they were both active in the Methodist Church with Frederick being a local preacher and Sunday School Superintendent for over thirty years.

At the time of death he was living in Pringle Street, Trimdon Colliery, he was buried in the graveyard of St Paul’s Church at Deaf Hill at double depth and marked by a headstone. The funeral expenses were as follows:



November 26th 1925
Mrs Shorthouse, Trimdon Colliery
(Re. The late Frederick Shorthouse.)



1925, Nov 12th 
To supply Elm Coffin
Hearse, Pastor, Bearers and Carrying
And Funeral Arrangements,              £12:10: 0
Extras for Double Depth
Grave, fees and board.                    £  1:   0: 0  
                                                          £13:10: 0

Paid (written over stamp)
J W Brown Nov 28th 1925


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