Minutes of a Meeting of Trimdon Foundry Parish Council held on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 7.10 pm in Trimdon Station Methodist Church. 

230/17 Present: – Councillors Carole Bell ( Chairman), Gail Elliott, Gary Elliott, Jean Loverance.
Cllr. Michael Gilvin post item 236/17.

231/17 Apologies: – Cllr. Brian Ferguson and Maureen Lenehan -Ferguson (illness)
County Councillor Lucy Hovvels in attendance
 Mr. John Robinson Parish Clerk was also in attendance.
There were 4 members of the public present.

232/17 Notice of motion
The Notice of Motion to call the meeting was proposed  by Cllr. G.Elliott and seconded G.Elliott. This was carried.

233/17 Declaration of Interest.

234/17 Member sharing of Information
Cllr. Gail Elliott advised a member of the public had seen youths entering the Old Comrade Club and they were concerned in regards to their safety and activity they were doing. It was agreed the Clerk report incident via 101 to the Police. It was also suggested Council ask the CDDFA to also undertake a fire inspection of the property for safety reasons.

235/17 Police and Warden Report.
No officers present, they had been invited to Annual Assembly but not attended. Cllr. Carole Bell advised there is a PACT meeting 21st March in May Crescent Community House. Cllr. Lucy Hovvels advised at a recent Police and Crime Panel PCVC Ron Hogg had said if a Parish Council wished officers to attend meetings they would. It was agreed to take this suggestion forward

236/17 Co-option to Council.
The Clerk advised members 1 application had been received at the closing date for the vacancy, Mr. Michael Gilvin.
Resolved:- It was prosed Cllr. Gary Elliott and Seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott to co-opt Mr. Michael Gilvin to fill the vacancy. This was carried unanimously. Cllr. Gilvin then signed the Declaration of Acceptance Book and joined the meeting.

237/17 Minutes of the Monthly meeting held on 13th February 2017.
Resolved:- It was moved Cllr. Gary Elliott and seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott and carried that the minutes of the above meeting be accepted as a true record.

238/17 Matters Arising
Members of Council considered the MOI Sheet, the following items being highlighted:-

  1. Garage rear of Station Road West. DCC have via both Building Control and Environmental Health have stated they have contacted the owners, and the garage is repaired. Members expressed concern at this report and asked both the Clerk to raise the issue of safety with the DDFA and Cllr. Hovvels to take up in her County Councillor role.
  2. Awaiting response regarding installing Commonwealth Grave Signage from the Church. Cllr. Lucy Hovvels advised of the current British Legion Silent Soldier Campaign. It was agreed to place on April Cllr. Carole Bell was proposed by Cllr. Jean Loverance and seconded Cllr. Gary Elliott, and this was carried.
  3. A meeting has taken place with Brian Weatherall from DCC regarding the Heritage Trail Drainage. Clerk has chased up asking for a quote to undertake the work, but DCC say behind on quotes due to bad weather. Cllr. Lucy Hovvels agreed to chase up.
  4. Awaiting reply t Councils challenge to litter picking bill. Cllr. Hovvels agreed to take up.
  5. Rear of Windsor Street, letter of complaint naming this street as a problem. NWA have visited the area and asking for more details. Cllr. Gary Elliott agreed to supply further details of exact property.
  6. Leaning headstone. Family have been given till 21st March to rectify the situation If after this date it remains in same condition ,contractor will be asked to lay it down.
  7. Unfinished Pathway 5-6 Windsor Gardens. Following a meeting with Ian Hoult Council received a letter late February advising a case office has been allocated to investigate but to date no progress made.


239/17 Public Participation

240/17 Review of Council Polices
Members formally considered the existing Polices. It was suggested a clause be added to the Cemetery Policy to cover the sale of plots and make it compulsory. Members also agreed Reserve, Financial Regulation, agreeing same.
Resolved:- It was prosed Cllr. Gary Elliot and seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott to re-adopt all existing Polices and to add the condition that all plots must be purchased to the Cemetery Policy. This was carried.

241.17 Asset Register
Resolved:- To confirm the Asset Register as a true record, this was agreed proposed Cllr. Gary Elliott and seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott.

242/17 Risk Register
Resolved: Move Cllr. Gary Elliott and seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott to agree and sign off Risk Register, this was agreed. The Chairman signed same.

243/17 Allotment Agreement.
The Clerk presented the revised Agreement, completed by Cllrs Elliott and himself.
Resolved: Moved Cllr. Gary Elliot and seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott to adopt agreement. This was carried.

244/17 Smaller Council Forum.
Minutes of previous meeting received.

245/17 EDRC Local Council Committee
Minutes of recent meeting received.

246/17 Financial Regulations
Resolved:- It was proposed Cllr. Gary Elliott and seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott to endorse the current Financial Regulations for the forthcoming year.

247/17 Financial Transactions.

  1. The monthly invoices were approved for payment (see Appendix1)
  2. Annual ICO Registration Contract received. Agreed to renew.


248/17 GDPR
The Clerk advised an Information/Destruction Policy is currently being prepared and will be presented to Council for adoption in April. Cllr. Michael Gilvin agreed to be link member.
The Chairman called for exclusion of the public in accordance with S1 of the 1960 Public Bodies Act and Local Government Act 1972.

249/17 Renewal of Cemetery Footpaths
Only 2 quotes have been received to date. Agreed to defer to April meeting to allow or other quotes to be obtained.

250/17 Renewal of Environmental Contract.
The Clerk provided members with the revised contract details and price of £27,933 including VAT. Cllrs. Elliott reported on the meeting held with S.E.Landscapes regarding the contract. Cllr. Gary Elliott expressed concern that the weekly reports are still not coming on a regular basis.
Resolved:- On a proposal by Cllr. Gary Elliott and seconded Cllr. Gail Elliott to re-appoint S.E.Landscapes for 2018/19 at the price of £27,933 but to retain in the contract the following clauses

  1. A weekly report on activity to be supplied to Cllr. Gary Elliott and Clerk
  2. Plants must be of A Quality standard
  3. Current plant watering arrangements to remain as per current contract that S.E.Landscapes arrange and include costings within contract price.

This was carried.



Agreed and Signed by:

Chairman of Parish Council meeting held  10 April  2018


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