Minutes of the Annual Assembly  of Trimdon Foundry Parish  held on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 6.45 pm in Trimdon Station Methodist Church. 

1.0 Present: – Councillors Carole Bell, Gail Elliott, Gary Elliott, Jean Loverance.

2.0 Apologies: – Cllr. Brian Ferguson and Maureen Lenehan -Ferguson (illness)
County Councillor Lucy Hovvels in attendance
 Mr. John Robinson Parish Clerk was also in attendance.
There were 4 members of the public present.

3.0 Notice of motion
The Notice of Motion to call the meeting was proposed  by Cllr. Gary Elliott and seconded  Cllr. Gail.Elliott. This was carried.

4.0 Declaration of Interest
None noted 

5.0 Minutes of Annual Assembly held 16th May 2017
They were read and accepted, proposed Cllr. Jean Loverance and seconded Cllr. Gary Elliott

6.0 Annual Report
The Chairman Cllr. Carole Bell presented the Trimdon Foundry Parish Council Annual Report (copy attached). No questions were raised by members of the public.

7.0 Annual Presentation of Accounts 2016/17
The Clerk on behalf of Council presented the Annual Accounts and answered questions from the members of the public present.

8.0 Annual Heritage Trail Report
Cllr. Gail Elliott gave a report on the work undertaken by the above group over the past year. Plans for the coming year were discussed.

9.0 Growing Forward Together
Cllr. Carole Bell presented the Annual Report of the work undertaken by this group. Highlights included Silver n Northumbria in Bloom, Winners of DCC Green Awards and the Community Orchard. She referred to the plans for the coming year and the groups hopes for Gold in Northumbria in Bloom.

10.0 County Councillor Report
Councillor Hovvels referred to the work she and her colleagues had been involved in both over the year and currently. The cuts to funding as part of the Austerity Programme have featured heavily. In her role as Cabinet member for Health she reported numerous projects she has been responsible for. Members of the public asked questions regarding Health.

11.0 Issues raised by Parishioners
A member of the public raised an issue in regards to fly tipping on a field to the rear of his home. He produced correspondence with DCC going back to November 17. Cllr. Hovvels agreed to take this issue up with DCC Officers directly for him and to report back to the April Parish Council as well as the Parishioner directly.


Meeting closed at 7.10pm

Agreed and Signed by:

Chairman of Parish Council meeting held  10 April  2018


Page added 19th April 2018