AT A MEETING of the TRIMDON PARISH COUNCIL held in the Trimdon Community College on TUESDAY 16 APRIL 2013 at 7.00 p.m.

Councillors Appleton, Burton, Dickinson, G R Elliott, B Oliver, Quinn, Redden, K Thompson and Trippett.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Brookes Chapman D Davison M Davison Hovvels Hughes Terrans J Thompson A Varty and C Varty.

The Minutes of the meeting held on 12 March 2013 were confirmed as correct record and signed by the Chair.

2.Policing in the Parish
The Council received details of recent crime statistics and arrest rates.

Sgt. O’Connor informed the Council that he was to retire from the Force shortly but expected that the service provided by the local Office would continue.

3.Appointment of Clerk to the Council
The Council was informed that references had been received regarding the proposed appointment of Anne Delandre and that there was nothing of concern to report to the Council.

It was expected that she would take up her duties on Monday 8 July 2013 with a date for the retirement of the current Clerk to be agreed at a later date.

4.Allotment Rules
The Council considered revised Allotment Rules as published by the Hart View Allotment Society.


That the proposed Allotment Rules be endorsed.


5.Correspondence – a)     To Consider

The Council considered the following correspondence –

Planning Application:   Retention of storage building, Green Valley Stables, Salters Lane

That an objection be raised to the planning application.

b) To Note

The Council noted the following correspondence –

Village Hall:   Annual Accounts
Post Office:   Move to larger premises at Trimdon Grange

6.Clerk’s Report – a) Accounts Resolved

That the following accounts be approved for payment –
467 TCCA Donation £500.00 468 Clerk Expenses £70.98 469 HMRC Tax NI £970.60 470 DCPF Pensions £623.54 471 ARCO Clothing £51.11 472 Carrs Billington Ramps £190.08 473 N End Garage Fuel £160.00 474 DCC Council Tax £1483.89 475 W Clifford Gas £32.00 476 DCC Play ground maintenance £822.22 477 D Jordan Skerne £186.00 478 Walton Skip hire £144.00 479 BT Telephones £228.00 DD Ford Van lease £379.86

 b) Summary Accounts

The Council noted the summary of accounts to 31 March 2013

c) Cemetery Receipts

The Council noted cemetery receipts of £640 for March 2013.

7.Hedges on Horse Close Lane

It was agreed to seek to have the hedges cut back on Horse Close Lane.

8.Retirement of Councillors

Councillor Trippett referred to the act that 9 members of the Council were not returning following the pending elections on 2 May 2013 and moved that they be thanked them for their hard work and contributions to the Council.

That this Council places on record its appreciate of the work and contributions made by Councillors Brookes Chapman M Davison Hovvels M Elliott Redden Terrans A Varty and C Varty.