AT A MEETING of the PARISH COUNCIL held in the Community College Trimdon on TUESDAY 12 FEBRUARY 2013 at 7.00 p.m.

Councillors Brookes Burton D Davison G R Elliott Hovvels Quinn Redden J Thompson K Thompson Trippett A Varty and C Varty.

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Chapman M Davison Dickinson M Elliott Hughes Oliver and Terrans.

The Minutes of he meeting held on 16 January 2013 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.

2.Policing in the Parish
The Council received details of recent crime statistics and arrest rates.

3.Village Hall Youth Club
The Council received a presentation by Mr T Moresby White seeking funding for the youth club he organises at Trimdon Village Hall.

That the Youth Club be awarded a grant of £250.

4.Memorial Plaque
The Council received a presentation from Mr A Luke regarding a proposal to fund raise for the provision of a plaque to mark the spot outside St Mary Magdalene Church that the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair announced the death of Diana Princess of Wales.

5.Correspondence – To Note

CAVOS          Newsletter

CPRE            Newsletter

6.Clerk’s Report – a) Cemetery Receipts

The Council noted cemetery receipts of £5560 for January 2013.

b) Accounts
That the following accounts be approved for payment –
433 Carrs Billington Salt spreader £4573.20 434 CDALC Subscription £759.50 435 Village Hall CAB £173.05 436 HMRC Tax & NI £970.60 437 DCPF Pensions £608.36 438 N End Garage Fuel £223.28 439 Giles Ins Van insurance £1599.70 441 D Jordan Skerne £186.00 442 Angling C,lub Grant £5,000.00 443 Clerk Expenses £109.98 444 Newsquest Advert £444.00 445 PTS Joinery Cemetery Lodge repairs £1240.00 DD Jennings Ford Van lease £379.86

c)Summary Accounts

The Council noted the summary of accounts to end January 2013.