This is to inform all the residents of Trimdon Station/Deaf Hill that as of 28th August 2014, after quite a number of years as a Trimdon Foundry Parish Councillor and terms as Vice Chairman and Chairman, I resigned as the present Chairman.

As residents may know, the clerk Kay Tweddle had resigned along with two of the Independent Councillors, Laraine Grigg and Joe France, at the previous meeting on Tuesday August 12th. I was not at this meeting due to family problems for which I gave my apologies, however I was informed of the issues raised at this meeting.

I called a special meeting for Wednesday 27th August so the ex-clerk could return all the parish equipment, books and files etc. to the remaining four councillors. Ms Tweddle did this in her usual professional manner and agreed to forward any correspondence etc.
She had offered at the August 12th meeting to look after burials etc while a new clerk was selected but this offer was refused by the four remaining councillors. I then handed in my written resignation to Cllr Gary Elliot.

I was totally ashamed that not one of the remaining Cllrs thanked Ms Tweddle for the years of excellent service and dedication she has shown while working for Trimdon Foundry Parish Council.

I wish all residents the best of luck in filling the three vacancies which will be advertised in the village, and assure them that Joe France, Laraine Grigg and myself will continue to work for the good of the community as volunteer/ members of Deaf Hill Regneration Partnership and Trimdon Station Community Centre.

Yours Sincerely,

Jim Grigg.