There are five Trimdons- Trimdon Village, Trimdon Grange, Trimdon Colliery, Trimdon Station, and old Trimdon. Trimdon Grange had a mine, 74 men and boys were killed there. My grandad worked in the mine but he would not let my Dad work in the mine. My Grandad told me how much money you got. He said he got 2 or 3 shillings a day.
Gary Carter

Pit-ponies are blinded in the sunlight, but, down in the pit, the ponies can see in the dark.
And the ponies pull the coal around like slaves, and for their night they rest in peace.
Dianne Duddin

The darkness falls upon me. The screams whirl round and round.
This is my death, I know it is, Crouched up like a ball of fire.
I hear my heart bumping.
I hear the words “don’t die Jack we’re coming”.
I go from hot to cold.
The walls move and the ceiling comes down.
This is really an explosion.
The emotion is terrifying.
I try to move but ouch ! my back.
Then I say “Please help me God”, But I die in pain with sin.
We will always remember that Explosion, Because of all the terrifying emotion.
Debra Bryan

I like chasing bees with Colin.
We see them make honey and I got stung as well. It hurt as well, so I went in. I got some cream on too. I came out as well.
Ian Duffy

Trimdon Village is my home. I may be here all my life.
I may stay here through All my troubles and my strife.

Trimdon Grange had an explosion All those many years ago.
Lots of people died In the pit down below.

Trimdon Colliery I forget about, I don’t know why.
Perhaps it’s not exciting However hard I try.

These are my views of the Trimdons (The village is the best)
It is very quiet so It’s better than the rest.
Karen Danby

I like to come to school and I like to sing and I like to play with my friend and I like to do my work and I like to have my dinner and I like to play in the band and I like Trimdon Village and I like to paint.
Clair Sheridan

I couldn’t stop running it was Deaf Hill exploding. A couple injured, a lot of them dead. It was terrible that explosion, like a typhoon going off. This was a sign from God, said the priest. If it was it certainly wouldn’t kill so many people. Did you know that Deaf Hill was Death Hill until the pit exploded. The Quarry is now a nature reserve.
Stephen Cross

I like playing with Paula on my roller boots and we skate and skate. I love my roller boots. I like going down banks, and I like to hear the birds singing in the trees.
They sing and sing and that is the end of the story.
Lisa Ovington

The big wheel looks bare, Just standing right there.
I wish it would turn, Then children will learn, Yes, learn very fast How the big wheel turns round Without touching the ground.
Michelle Wilkinson

I like living in Trimdon because of the birds singing on a morning when I wake up and because of my friends David Waite and Karen Barker. Me and Karen always play together. Sometimes we make daisy chains and most of all we play on our bikes. Sometimes we make each other laugh.
Linda McTeer

Mines are damp, mines are dark and mines are dirty and mucky.
I’m a miner my name is Joe.
I didn’t like the mine but I had to go.
I had to go to feed my family or they would die.
Steven Wright

My favourite thing in Trimdon is going in the meadow. I like to pick some flowers. I like to play with my dog. I throw the stick and my dog runs after it and brings it back.
Martin Pugh

Spring time is here it’s the same every year Iambs in the meadow cows on the farm I love it in spring birds over field and orchard on wing in March April May I like seeing horses eat hay flowers beginning to grow in beautiful row seed and bulbs baby animals begin to feed spring time again.

Trimdon has flowers and trees, And hill-sides and nice wild rabbits.
Men had to leave the nice country To go to a gloomy pit Where it was dark and spooky.
Lisa Forbes.

I am a girl of 7 years old, This story I have never told.
I have blue eyes and long blonde hair, My Mammy alway’s says I’m fair.
I have a brother he is 10, He likes to be with all the men, But Mam and Dad, well you just see, How lucky they are to have little me!

At Trimdon I like going to the disco.
It is fun at the disco. You dance and you get pop and when 8 o’clock comes we go home. I like my house. I have a bed in my house too.
David Waite