Northern Daily Mail Thursday November 8th 1934.


The death took place yesterday of the oldest woman at Trimdon Village in Mrs. Hannah Robinson affectionately known as “Granny” Robinson at the age of 93 years. Mrs. Robinson was the widow of Mr. Francis Robinson, and belonged to a family possessing lengthy connections with the parish. Her grandmother, mother, herself, and family of 13 children were all born at Trimdon Village, and she had never lived outside the parish except for a few months. Her parents had ten children, and among her 110 to 120 relations there were about 40 great-grandchildren.

“Granny” Robinson was one of the most remarkable women in County Durham for even after becoming blind some years ago she continued to retain her activity and alertness both in body and mind and presided over the household arrangements as methodically as she did when bring up a large family. Despite being blind she could not only name the value of the coins of the realm, but could distinguish a ten shilling note from a pound note.

Although she had seen the sea from a railway train while traveling to West Hartlepool she had never actually being to it and she had never been to a kinema although she had listened to the wireless.

Her advice for longevity was; up in the morning early, good walks, plenty of work, and good substantial plain food.


Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail Monday November 12th 1934.

Funeral of “Granny” Robinson. 

They were over 50 great-grandchildren and grandchildren at the funeral at Trimdon Village on Saturday of Mrs. Hannah Robinson, known in the district as “Granny” Robinson, the oldest inhabitant of the parish, who died on Wednesday at the age of 93. The service was conducted by the vicar of St Alban’s Church, Trimdon Grange (the Reverend G. K. Spiller).