George Ernest Bull; Part 6

Because of the profession I chose, my family moved away from Trimdon and due to the  employment uncertainties in the 1960’s eventually left the country for Canada.  We have always kept in contact with our Trimdon family. Over the years we had several holidays and business trips to England. I always tried to visit George and Hannah on these trips, their family had a tradition of turning up for a pot luck lunch every Saturday which was a goodtime to visit. In 1984 George and Hannah decided to visit us in Canada. We were living in Calgary at that time and they were able to see the Calgary Stampede, a trip through the Rockies, visit Banff and have lunch in the restaurant in Lake Louise, looking over the lake to the glacier.


On my last visit to England in 2005 I had few visits with George. We sat and watched family photographs I had brought with me on a lap top computer. Although frail, his long term memory was very good and we talked a lot about the early days in Trimdon. As we talked, I reminded him that even after 65 years in the Trimdon area, he never did lose his Cockney accent.

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