Trimdon Foundry Parish Council would like to make you aware of our exciting proposals to commission a local artist to create two bespoke new entrance signs which puts Deaf Hill on the map. We’d like to enhance the entrances into our village by creating a more positive and welcoming impression for both residents and visitors alike.

Whilst there are signs on entering our village, the Parish Council is keen to promote the individuality of Trimdon Station – Deaf Hill and support the efforts being made by the our neighbouring Parish Councils to reduce the confusion between the Trimdons.

We are proposing to commission an artist to design and construct two new entrance signs at the main entrances into Trimdon Station – Deaf Hill from Thornley Road and on Wingate Road. Our intention is to complement the entrance signs in neighbouring villages with our own signs denoting that the individual is entering or leaving our village.

Our project aims to create a positive image of Trimdon Station and Deaf Hill using the arts to enhance the physical environment of the area and at the same time promote a strong image of our community, setting us apart from the neighbouring villages.

Once the artist has been commissioned and has had an opportunity to produce a sketch we will be making the proposed designs available for your comments.

If you would like additional information or to express an opinion on the proposals please contact Trimdon Foundry Parish Council via their Contact Form.

Published Aug 1st 2013