Parish Precept – Notice of Increase January 2011

Trimdon Foundry Parish Council has found it necessary to increase their precept by 3% this year, just under the current inflation rate. This is not a large amount but in these hard economic times we feel we need to justify to residents what this money is spent on.

The Parish Council own and operate Deaf Hill Cemetery, which it strives to maintain and improve. Throughout the year we have made many environmental improvements e.g. the noticeboard and memorial gardens area. We have brightened the village up with floral displays and have done our best to help residents in times of bad weather, supplying grit bins and clearing roads where possible. We continue to own and maintain the recreation area and play areas and are looking to extend this in the near future.

We have a fantastic community centre in the village, well used – with the library, users such as the band, youth club, luncheon club, Citizens Advice Bureau, community policing, and the Centre is assisted financially by the Parish Council.

The Parish Council is proud to provide a free firework display, encouraging safety and community spirit in the village.

All of these things come at a cost. We are a progressive looking Parish Council trying to anticipate problems and issues and resolve them. We have an open door policy and welcome residents to come along to monthly meetings with the minutes being published on the web site.
To make comment or get in touch please e mail or call 0191 5279229 or talk to one of your local Members as listed on this web site. Finally our sincere thanks go to Mr Craggs for allowing us to use this site to reach residents.