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  1. Copied from FB post Monday 29 May

    Please keep an eye on your bairns……tonight at 9.10pm an Asian man, bald, thin face with a hook nose followed two teenage girls up the full length of Dunelm Road from the Fish Shop in what looks to be a new black Mercedes and wound his window down so they were able to describe him. As they got to their house next door to us, he lost sight of them on the bend and drove round up the green and back down Dunelm Road towards our house where he lost sight of them before he had to look towards turning round the sharp bend.
    Their parents came out the front as they were screaming and as the car went past their house, he saw the parents at the front door and it accelerated at high speed causing screeching of the tyres down to the bottom of Dunelm Road out of sight.

    I have the incident on our CCTV and the police will be coming to view it tomorrow. As it’s half term and the bairns will be out playing please please Instill stranger danger.

    Stay safe xx


  2. Is anyone pig sick of all the litter thrown all over? It’s mainly on the school mornings when the kids are given bottles of pop and pasties for breakfast. No respect for themselves or other resident’s!

    • Wellfield children; (yr7) and an older boy and girl (year 9 and 8) throwing sticks and stones at gardens, doors and cars. School informed but this is still an ongoing issue
      Wellfield pupils the worst. All up Cinnamon drive and along the main roads. No respect but the parents just ignore it Summer is a nightmare on the streets.

      • I know the dirty little b*****d has been going round shooting people’s dogs and people’s Windows. All he is a piece of shit and his nephews next door to him are just as bad

        • This is the mother of them 3 nephews next door keep my kids out of ya made up bullshit try involve these a come down on yous like a tone of bricks they innacent children ort to be ashamed of yaselfs ifu gonna talk about them at least leave ya name ha have a good day

            • Am not hitlers mam get over yaselfs bulling innocent kids cause.of who there dad is all angels aint yas must feel massive picking on 9 7 4 year old get gone

            • BET you’re so proud of your kids then! And your family. Disgusting menances the lot of you and you’re just as bad for allowing them to be thugs and then defend them

          • What chance have your children got when it is clear that you have had no education and no parenting skills. It is never too late to learn

        • Report to the police especially Ron Hogg Telephone number:

          0191 3752001

          You dont have to give your name. Do it annonimously.

          • All the B****ts need moving out.. be a better place to live. All they do is steal and cause uproar in the villages. The little ones are the worst and your just as bad letting them get away with it. All scum.

            • Bullying kids ha ha thats scum ones only 4 a love my kids n will defend them from scum like yous who cant evem leave a name if my kids was in wrong ad say this has nowt to do with them get ova yaselfs cause am going no were have a good day

              • You love your kids? All people hear is you shouting and swearing at them

              • And when your swearing at them I’m pleased I’m not a parent. Imagine having kids with your lot around learning bad things

              • Why should people leave a name? So your scum of a family can put Windows out or set fire to cars. Or beat up old men for pension

  3. warning for all trimdon/fishburn sedgefield comp kids keep away from duck ponds on friday nights in sedgefield

  4. Copied from sedgefield police page:
    Good News

    Martin Collins 06/02/1988 of South View Trimdon Grange last week appeared at South Durham Magistrates Court in relation to Disqualified Driving and Driving with Excess Alcohol. Collins has received a 24 week prison sentence and has been fined.

    That’s K B little partner in crime, atleast one of them is off the streets for a while!

  5. Copied from Incidents In Trimdon Facebook page;
    Red car going about trying to pick kids up in the village a grown man with a beard asking the kids to get in the car happened to 2 kids up the park last few days , keep and eye out folks for ye kids safety , scary stuff , warn ye kids about it people to be safe

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