The Warm Home Discount scheme

The Warm Home Discount scheme The Warm Home Discount Scheme is now in its fourth year but there is still a lack of awareness of the help available through the scheme and also some confusion about entitlement.

The Warm Homes Discount is a scheme funded by energy suppliers. It came into operation on 1 April 2011. The Warm Homes Discount effectively replaces social tariffs and voluntary arrangements previously offered by energy suppliers

1. Overview
For winter 2014 to 2015, you could get a £140 discount on your electricity bill through the Warm Home Discount Scheme. The discount won’t affect your Cold Weather Payment or Winter Fuel Payment.
Not everyone gets the discount – you have to qualify. The Warm Home Discount is split into two groups, the ‘Core Group’ and the ‘Broader Group’

2. What you’ll get
For winter 2014 to 2015, you could get a £140 discount on your electricity bill. The money isn’t paid to you, it’s a one-off discount on your electricity bill, usually between October and March.
Pre-pay or pay as you go meters
You can also qualify for the discount if you use a pre-pay or pay as you go electricity meters. Your electricity supplier can tell you how you’ll get the discount if you’re eligible. For example, a voucher you can use to top up your meter.

3. Eligibility
Core Group
. under 75 and only get the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit – not the Savings Credit part
. 75 or over and get the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit – even if you also get the Savings Credit part.

Your name or your partner’s name must be on your electricity bill, and your energy company must be taking part in the Warm Home Discount scheme.

Broader Group
If you are on a low income, it will be up to your supplier to decide whether you can get the Warm Home Discount. You may be eligible if you’re on a low income and you have a disability or long-term illness, or children. The actual criteria used will vary depending on your supplier. Each supplier has their own rules about who else can get the discount. You should check with your supplier to see if you can get it.

Energy suppliers
The following suppliers are part of the scheme:

. Atlantic
. British Gas
. Co-operative energy
. EDF Energy
. E.ON
. Equipower (Ebico)
. Equigas (Ebico)
. First Utility
. Manweb
. M&S Energy
. Npower
. Sainsbury’s Energy
. Scottish Gas
. Scottish Hydro
. ScottishPower
. Southern Electric
. Utility Warehouse

4. How to claim
If you qualify for the discount, you’ll get a letter this autumn/winter telling you either:
. you don’t have to apply – you’ll get the discount automatically
. you must apply by the deadline – the letter will tell you why and how

You’ll receive your letter by 24 December at the latest.

Write to the Warm Home Discount Team if you don’t get a letter but believe you qualify.

Warm Home Discount Team
Pink Zone, 1st Floor
Peel Park
Brunel Way

The scheme for winter 2013 to 2014 is closed.
If you don’t qualify for the discount you may be able to apply directly to the energy supplier for help.

Further information can be found by following this link The Warm Home Discount Scheme

If you have any comments please contact the Housing Renewal and Improvement Team’s Energy Efficiency Officer:

Tele: 03000 261079
Durham County Council Offices
County Hall