Regeneration Partnership Statement
from Jim Grigg,, Chairman Deaf Hill Ward Regeneration Partnership.
29th October 2014

I’ve just read the latest labour party election flyer and would like to let voters know that labour councillors have had a majority vote on Trimdon Foundry parish council since the May election of 2013. Brian Ferguson, who has been a parish councillor for many years, was voted in and acted as chairman until the annual general meeting in May 2014, when he was not proposed as chairman for 2014 -2015, I was then elected chairman in a parish council with 4 labour members and 3 independent members. Two of these resigned on August 12th and I as the then independent chairman resigned on the 28th August.

Regarding the past council not listening to local residents, I cannot agree as the meetings in the past were always open to the public to express their concerns, just ask anyone who attended, for example Mrs Christine Carter who came regularly on behalf of residents and had many questions and concerns answered.

On the subject of youth provision, I can honestly say that if it was not for the Trimdon Station community centre run by Deaf Hill Regeneration Partnership volunteers and our manager Derek Bradley and youth manager Mrs Jo Taylor, who do an excellent job, there would not be any youth provision in Trimdon Station/Deaf Hill, supported by the partnership and parish council and open to all the kids in Trimdon, this continues with increasing success and popularity.

I hope this clarifies a few points.

Jim Grigg,, Chairman Deaf Hill Ward Regeneration Partnership.