An open letter by Trimdon Station resident Gerry Moroney

We were surprised to see Phil Wilson M.P, together with his agent and one of our County Councillors walking round the Parish ‘knocking on doors’ to show their support for the Labour candidate Margaret Eadsforth.
While doing this is it too much to hope/expect they were taking in the ‘wider picture’!
Can we expect the same time, effort and commitment to honour their promises made 7 years ago when the decline began – BEFORE the ‘cut backs’ they keep using as their ‘get out of jail card’ – when Labour was in Government!

Did they actually SEE
the boarded up houses of absent landlords – the houses no longer fit for purpose – do they actually care?
Did they speak to the owners of the houses who are trapped in an area of decline through no fault of their own – reading how the rest of the U.K houses prices have RISEN by 11% while our Parish the prices have FALLEN by as much as 40% and still not selling?
We put our faith in those Labour representatives who promised to work on our behalf and make their voices heard until action was taken to stop this decline. Their voices have gone quiet as they hide behind the ‘cut backs’ mantra.
The County Council who sent the C.A.T (community action team) team, at great expense – a team that refused to engage with concerned residents asking them to “judge them on their achievements at the end of the 6 week period they were here” – what improvements?
Did they actually talk to the elderly residents in the Aged Miners/Tobin Street who have no transport to take them to the doctor’s surgery, dentist, shops, and visit family? These are loyal Labour supports who voted Labour all their lives – they feel betrayed and ignored when they need them most – Many have promised: NONE have delivered!
As they walked round they pointed out that to vote Independent would be wasting their vote.

I voted Labour in 2010 believing Phil Wilson’s promises to halt this decline – MY VOTE it seems has been totally wasted!!