Fixers Charity projects
Emily Tyson of Fixers is currently working with Peter Charlton and Christine Carter to create a project around highlighting the importance of road safety and speed awareness within our village and surrounding villages.

Fixers have arranged a get together on 18th November 2014 at 630pm at the Residents Association Community House, May Crescent, TS29 6BA. This will give members of the community an opportunity to come along and find out about the project and discuss their feelings towards the issue.

Fixers, which is funded by the Big Lottery, helps young people aged 16-25 take on any issues that matter to them and help them find a creative way to do something about it and make positive change.
We help the young people to create projects to make a change to their communities and the world around them. We have a creative team which specialises in all things media, so the young people have the chance to make a music video, books, flyers, posters, short films or adverts, help to hold an event and many more.

We have experienced Young People’s Co-ordinators that work with the young people throughout their project and help them to develop and achieve their goal and reach their target audience. We never say no to a project, as long as the project helps others.

All Projects that young people do with us are featured on our Fixers website ( and some are picked to be featured on their regional ITV news channel. Many of the young people’s projects have gone on to become national campaigns and are achieving nationally recognised awards.