Statement for the Trimdon Times website.

Deaf Hill Ward Regeneration Partnership would like to clarify some points published in a recent leaflet circulated in our village that may mislead people about investment in Trimdon Station Community Centre.
The Partnership have managed and invested in the Community Centre since 2002 for the benefit of the Community.

We do receive grants, funding and donations from many places and people, including an annual grant from the Parish Precept which we started to receive four years ago, and for which we are very grateful.

The annual grant contributes to approximately 10% of our running costs. It is the Partnerships vision, and hard work of our staff and volunteers, that make this an excellent venue for the Community. The Partnership are committed to making sure our Community has a first class Centre, for the benefit of our community, and that it remains a non-political and none religious body which supports not only Trimdon Station, but all of the Trimdon’s and the surrounding Villages, working in Partnership with all.

Unfortunately we have been informed that all of our County Councillors grant money has been allocated for the next two years, so we will continue to look for funding to keep our community centre at the heart of our village, Trimdon Station & Deaf Hill.

Jim Grigg
Chaiman & Trustee.