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The following procedure has been written in line with the Football Associations COVID 19 online guidance

Before any match play commence TUJFC must have gone through the following stages so that they have enough interest and the required documentation in place to enable them to deliver.

The Club

  • An interest from the leadership in the Club to recommencing match play
  • Permission from the Community College to use the outdoor facilities
  • Spoken with the coaches and volunteers regarding the FA guidelines on reintroducing match play. Indicated that the Club would like to restart match play using these guidelines.  Gain their opinions and interest as to whether they feel its appropriate to recommence and whether they would be willing, or in a position, to supervise the matches
  • A generic risk assessment for match play signed off by the TUJFC management committee
  • A procedure for the delivery of match play signed off by the TUJFC management committee
  • Informed the parents/carers and players about the Club wanting to recommence match play. Provide them with a copy of the Club’s COVID 19 procedure and given the opportunity to ask any questions and that if they do return then it will be under the strict rules of the procedure.  Finally, highlight that it is of course their choice as to whether they want their child/ren to return and that if they don’t this will not be detrimental to them in in any form going forward with the Club 
  • It must have been made clear to all managers/coaches, volunteers, parents, carers and players that any household that has a shielded or extremely vulnerable person living there will not be able to attend coaching sessions until the Government guidelines change.
  • Any household member or indeed a player showing Covid 19 symptoms should stay away from matches and follow the relevant Government Guidelines.



All TUJFC match play must be delivered using the following procedures and under the operation guidance of the Clubs Safeguarding policy and procedures as well as the Code of Conducts:

  • The coach/manager will have contacted his/her team and have a list of those players and volunteers that have indicated they will be attending the session so is able to plan the delivery beforehand
  • Parents and carers bringing their children to matches will be asked respect social distancing rules during games as far as is reasonably practicable
  • Entry and exit to and from the school should only be through the main car park entrance
  • When parking, do not park next to each other unless there are no parking spaces available. Always try and leave a space between each car and do not enter or exit the same time as your neighbouring car
  • Upon arrival on site each player should social distance from other players
  • The coach/manager will, whilst social distancing, explain the session - what will take place and how this will be done. They will then speak with the volunteer (if they have not already done so) and explain what they would be required to do
  • The Club will provide sanitiser gel/spray for each team, this should be used by all coaches, parents, players, visitors and volunteers on arrival, before leaving and as appropriate throughout the match
  • Hand and equipment contact should be limited. If players wish to wear gloves then they may, but equipment contact should still be limited
  • All equipment to be used for the coaching session will be cleaned before the start
  • First Aid - Only time physical contact may occur is if a player is injured and depending upon that injury may need support from a coach/manager. If this is required the coach/manager should immediately put on their own facemask (provided to each coach/manager by Club unless they already have their own) and protective gloves provided in first aid kit.  Upon completion of first aid coach/manager should place gloves in plastic bag and dispose of in own bin.  Their own masks should be washed.
  • Goalkeepers will need to wear gloves as will the coach/manager or volunteer working with them
  • Any player misbehaving or in breach of the Club and COVID-19 procedures will be spoken to and warned. Their parents/carers will also be spoken to.  If the breaches continue then this will not be tolerated and the player will be asked to leave and parents/carers spoken to, if present, and if not contacted after the session and situation explained to them.
  • Any parents/carers breach the Club and COVID-19 rules then the coach/manager will speak with them appropriately and if they continue to breach them then they will be asked to leave the site.
  • Permission for the player/parent/carer to return to a training session can only be given after they have spoken with the coach/manager and apologised and this has been signed off by the Club secretary or Chairman
  • At the end of each session players will clean their hands and all equipment should be wiped down by the coach/manager and/or volunteer

If any player, parent/carer has any questions or queries then they should either contact their relevant manager/coach or can speak to the Club secretary Ian Grimley (07532 459 327 or 01429 853311 or or the Club Chairman and Welfare Officer Andy Coulthard ( or 07834 147 207)

Download documents here:
COVID 19 Procedure for Matches (MS WORD)
COVID-19 Track and Trace Register (MS EXCEL)

COVID 19 Procedure for Matches (PDF)
COVID-19 Track and Trace Register (PDF)


Page added 31st July 2020