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Many minor – sometimes major – incidents are never reported in the local papers or anywhere else.
This leaves residents unaware of what may be happening on their doorstep. Being forewarned may prompt people to take extra care where needed.
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  1. Another piece of crap and his trials bike taken off the road. Tosser from the station caught and in court tommorrow. Police are saying it’s becoming easier to catch these idiots because people are calling in. Well done all.

    • Copied from Facebook page:-

      Kyle BARNETT of Wood View, Trimdon Station has appeared at court today and has been sentenced to 5 weeks imprisonment in a Young Offender Institute. This is in relation to disqualified driving and other road traffic offences including the use of off-road bikes without insurance or other documentation.

  2. Anyone know the dick in the black fiesta with orange wheel trims that drives like a total cockwomble ? Nearly cleaned my brother out recently.

  3. Just witnessed a stabbing in the village but as I tried to catch the stabber I fell. The criminal was wearing a dark blue tracksuit.
    **Message left here for reference- as we now know it’s imaginary the sender’s IP address has been noted

  4. Drink driver caught in the village today. Concerned residents must have called the police. Another idiot hopefully off the street

  5. *From Sedgefield Police facebook page
    Kyle BARNETT of Wood View, Trimdon Station was charged for driving whilst disqualified and driving with no insurance on 15th September 2017. He was refused bail and placed before South Durham Magistrates court this morning. At court he pleaded not guilty, and the case was adjourned for trial until 4th December.

  6. PACT meeting had a good turn out at the village hall. Obviously the idiots were out to try and intimidate the residents and the police.

    Don’t let these pieces of scum intimidate you. Aim to claim our village back and make the Trimdon a better and safer place for us all. Keep reporting anything you see to tbe police.

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